Some say we’re a cycling club with a social addiction, in fact we’re a social club with a cycling addiction.

Fast or slow, beginner or pro, we’ll
welcome you

More than cycling – Enjoy a growing community with social occasions, coffees, and plenty of banter

Align with a registered club and get insured by Aus Cycling


When you join the Les Gars Cycling Club, you’ll be added to the group WhatsApp. Through the chat you’ll be able to keep up to date with group rides, route details and start times. You’ll also be able to keep up to date with news, competitions and social events.


All rides have a designated leader – it is their responsibility to ensure all riders have a safe and enjoyable riding experience. New members will be given guidance on which rides are most suitable for them based upon their experience and fitness level. We finish all of our rides with a coffee!

Keen to become a member?

Follow the below steps to join our club


Step 1: Head to Aus Cycling

Click ‘BECOME A MEMBER’ below. Select the Memberships & Licences option under the Membership menu. 


Step 2: Select your category

Select “Join Now” under the licence category you are interested in.


Step 3: Fill out your details

Select the Annual or Monthly payment method, then the register button. Enter your details. Choose Les Gars Cycling Club as your club and pay the fee.


Step 4: Reach out on Instagram

Reach out to us on Instagram and we will organise for you to join us and meet the group at our next social ride.